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Apparent Misconceptions About Anal Sex

Threesome porn Mom: Jennifer White walks down the hall with a laundry basket. She knocks on the door of her stepson, Joshua Lewis, but when he doesn't answer, she opens the door. Jennifer is then shocked to catch Joshua masturbating in front of his laptop, and Joshua is mortified! Порно мамки: Things only get worse when Jennifer gets a glimpse of Joshua's laptop and discovers that he's watching anal porn. Jennifer is disgusted and launches into an ignorant tirade against anal sex. That's when she decides on taking Joshua to a clinic where a nurse can set him straight once and for on why anal sex is BAD. A short time later, Jennifer and Joshua wait inside an exam room. That's when a nurse, Bella Rolland, comes in, asking how she can help. Jennifer is prim and proper as she says that she wants Bella to educate Joshua on how bad anal sex is. But Jennifer is shocked and dismayed when Bella (slightly taken aback at Jennifer's ignorant attitude) says that there is nothing wrong with anal sex! As Joshua watches on in silent delight, Jennifer argues with Bella about how wrong she is. Bella tries to keep her cool, insisting that misconceptions about anal sex are what's REALLY bad, but Jennifer doesn't want to hear ANY of it. Sent over the edge by Jennifer's ignorance, Bella finally taunts Jennifer by mooning her and showing her her asshole. It's just a butt -- EVERYONE has one! Trying to teach Jennifer a lesson, Bella resolves to give Joshua a hands-on learning lesson about anal sex. Jennifer is horrified and tries to get him to leave, but - getting turned on now - he wants to stay. That's when Bella walks Joshua through how to have anal sex, including getting him to lube up her ass while Jennifer watches on in shock. Then Bella encourages Joshua to have anal sex with her, which he does so with relish. Jennifer refuses to leave the clinic without her stepson, even if that means having to watch him have sex with Bella. Despite her protests, she soon finds herself growing curious about anal sex herself. So much so that she begins fingering her own ass with Bella's encouragement. Of course, now that Jennifer's gone THAT far, it doesn't take much coaxing for her to join in and turn the daring duo into a tantalizing threesome!