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Sharing My Son-in-Law

An unusual situation has young Joshua Wiley (played by newcomer Joshua Lewis) entertaining his mother-in-law (Reagan Foxx), as his wife Laura lets him hang out with her lonely divorcee mom whenever Laura's out of town on business. It's a platonic relationship but Josh recently got in trouble when Laura caught him with a pair of panties he stole from mom -uh-oh!

Milf Porn Online: Mom leaves it up to Laura to decide if mother and son-in-law can continue having their little dates together. Soon after, Joshua shows up at mom's door with flowers, reporting that it's A-OK with Laura for them to continue "dating". Laura loves her mother, and doesn't want her to be lonely. Why not loan out her husband, Joshua, while Laura is out of town for work? Mommy Reagan can keep Josh company, and Josh can keep Reagan company. This arrangement was perfect until Laura suspects her husband to have romantic feelings for her gorgeous mother.

Josh comes over and assures Reagan that he has smoothed everything over with Laura. Laura is "totally cool" with us going on our 'dates' again. Reagan believes him, after all, it was her to give him advice on how to smooth things over with Laura. Joshua begs Reagan to get out of her robe, "let's go out!" Reagan gets glamorous, putting on a black evening dress and they're all set for a night on the town.

A phone call from Laura wakes them up at 6 a.m. the next morning - the couple had too much to drink and fell asleep fully clothed on the bed together. Everything is still innocent, and Josh even gives Reagan a much-needed foot massage (after a night of dancing in high heels). He says: "Oh mom, sometimes I think I chose the wrong girl". They kiss, but she insists it's about time he went home.

With Laura away for half the year, Joshua says he confronted Laura and she agreed to share him with her mom. "I can't tell you how badly I would love to make love to you, but I'm not going to betray my daughter", Reagan explains. "Honestly, she loves you mom, and she understands that it's not cheating if I'm with you", he contends.

She can't control herself, and gives in to the insistent boy and the pleasure his of his touch, his kiss. Watch the naughty scene unfold, and stick around for a surprise ending!