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I Am So Dirty Stepbrother

Lana Smalls is super into her stepbrother, Sam Shock. She has a plan to get his cum inside her and today's the day. Standing in the living room doing laundry in a super skimpy outfit, Lana waits for Sam to walk out. When he does, she tells Sam she needs him to wash her. Sam clarifies: Wash Lana or was her clothes, and Lana says both. Sam hesitates, but then picks Lana up and puts her in a laundry basket to carry her to the laundry room.

It's clear the stepsiblings have been flirting for a while, because when Lana comes on to Sam he flirts right back. She offers to wrap her fun sized hands right around his dick, and Sam doesn't stop her. Popping it out, Lana goes to work stroking the shaft and sucking the tip in her tiny mouth. She's such a spinner that it's hard for her to deep throat all that big cock. When Lana tells Sam that she wants to feel him fuck her, so she gets to her feet and peels her thong off before leaning over the dryer.

Going for the gold, Sam shoves it in. That big one fills Lana's tiny frame right up. She moans and squeals in delight as Sam gives it to her. When he lays down on a towel, Lana cheerfully climbs aboard for a stiffie ride. She finds herself back on top of the dryer, this time on her bottom with her thighs spread nice and wide for Sam to reenter her. Rubbing his stepsister's clit, Sam gets her off before giving her a big glut of cum. Glowing from her creampie, Lana admits she's not on birth control.