Small, Petite, & Sweet

Дурочка спряталась в стиральной машине и не смогла вылезти. Но когда её достали, хорошенько трахнули! Стройная девушка решила спрятаться от парня в стиралке, но он быстро нашёл, отшлепал по жопе и выебал.

Chad loves visiting her tiny friend Laya. The girl is dainty and mischievous, hiding every time Chad comes to her place. After finding her in the most inconspicuous spot, the big guy starts playing around with her, lifting her up and toying around with her, one of Laya’s favorite games. Yet, this also gets her all horned up, so they might as well fuck to end their “play date” on a high note.
Chanel: Teamskeet