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Playing With Myself

Молодая японочка любит мужиков по старше, чтобы научили её сексу и готова даже принять сперму в свою киску не боясь забеременеть. Sweet cutie Natsu has a soft spot for older men. When Doggy approaches her with some nasty questions, the girl simply melts in his presence, willing to do anything he asks. Doggy inquires about her sexual experience. He wants to know if she ever touched herself, and how she feels about her pussy. Natsu surprises him with a glimpse at her stunning tits and her hairy snatch. Doggy raises the bet by pulling out his cock, surprising the innocent girl. Amazed by the size, Natsu tries to eat it all up, enjoying every inch of it. Doggy realizes that Natsu is aroused as ever, so he moves his hands to her vagina and notices she is all wet. After a bit more fingering action, Doggy decides it’s time to drill that cum hole and make Natsu reach a real orgasm. The girl screams with pleasure as Doggy pounds her, filling her up until her pussy starts dripping.
Chanel: Teamskeet