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Swinger's Paradise

Жена призналась своему мужу, что хочет попробовать секс втроем. Русская девушка Октокуро приехала покорять США и приучила мужа ходить в баню и заниматься сексом втроем ЖМЖ.
Octokuro loves her husband Xander, but is dying to see what fucking another woman would be like. When she finally reveals this fantasy to Xander, he's more than ok with helping to make it come true. The couple go to a pervy bathhouse, where they find the sexy Sheila Ortega lounging in a hot tub. Octokuro joins Sheila in the tub and it's not long before they're all over each other. Xander, who watches and jerks off for a while, eventually gets to join in, making for a hot threesome!