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Angela X JMac

Две известные порнозвезды Анджела Уайт и ДжиМэк встретились снова спустя несколько лет, чтобы замутить горячий секс для своих фанатов.
Angela White and J Mac have history. He was one of her first scenes in ZZland and they haven’t worked together since! They both excitedly reminisce while in transit towards each other about their steamy sex session over a decade ago. Neither Angela nor J Mac can wait to get their hands, and mouths, wrapped around each other once again. The chemistry explodes into a hot hardcore session in seconds as Angela walks in and pounces, pulling down J Mac’s pants before he can say blowjob. Watch these two legends reunite and go buck wild, even better than the first time.
Angela White JMac
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